Monday, November 13, 2006

Pictures at 2 months

So I got more pics done of Carly at two months old! Amy my amazing friend is an awesome photographer and took these for me today and even got them back to me today! Carly would not smile (maybe once or twice) but she fell asleep and then cried....of course thats how it the way the picture with her finger to her cheek was totally ALL Carly, we didn't pose her...she is just a poser herself!

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Ku'ulei said...

Can she be any cuter????
I LOVE, love the pictures. Who did your pictures? I need your friend to do our family pictures. They look great, so precious. Carly is beautiful! Here's our old blog address:

I sent you an invite to our new one since we won't be using the one above any more.

Love ya!