Friday, July 16, 2010

2nd half marathon...and the marathon of life!

an entire month ago i did my 2nd half marathon with 2 of my girl friends and it went great!my time was 2 hrs. 17 min. not amazing, but i did it! i think i have run once since, i have been enjoying the break from running ;) however life has felt crazy since then, it really has been busy! here's a catchup:

clint moved into a new office in portland, something bigger and newly remodeled. we really love it! we also moved into a bigger house that will better accomodate the fam. we love our new place (still renting, portland area's housing market is terrible right now and we are waiting out buying anything). we also have my brother jared, 17 yrs old, who just moved in with us and will be with us through his senior year. (now i have 3 kids!) but its great having some extra help around here! no, really its great just having him...but he is helpful! mows the lawn, helps with the kids, clint and i go see late movies whenever we want it! this weekend i have a face painting booth at our towns "Robin Hood Festival," Sherwood has one every year & it is a blast! so far so good, one more day to go! in the mean time clint is in san fransisco leaving me to deal on my own & jared is on a campout. i basically have my other facepainters running the booth while i play with the kids, not so bad!but now, hopefully we can just slow down & enjoy the summer! yes people the sun is finally out in oregon! more pics to come soon!