Wednesday, April 30, 2008

texas trip

so i guess i have fallen off the side of the blogging world lately...i use to be so on the ball! well really ive been gone to texas for a week and we left for washington (moses lake, pics of that later)...not really the best of pics of TX, but i wasnt really focusing on that! anyways i had a great trip to TX. it really truly was amazing, not only did i get my last required test to get my Masters in Teaching out of the way, but i was there when my sister tricia opened her mission call to mesa, AZ! she leaves july 16th and will also be working at the mesa temple visitors center! tricia is really so amazing and i am so proud of her for having such a big desire to serve the Lord and go on a mission. what and amazing thing to do!

i also got to spend time with my good girlfriends from chiropractic school! it was so good to see each of them, they really are the sweetest girls that I could just spend all day with! it was specifically good to see abi who just miscarried at 6 months along. it was very strengthening to me to see her handle it with such grace and faith. she was smiling and being the same old abi but stronger, i am so proud of her and i feel so lucky to have such amazing friends that teach me real life lessons that i wouldnt learn anywhere else...
by the way this is carly's new "pose" everytime we take pics...she seems to have the picture thing down...go figure!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

just a few more pics of my sisters from my boise trip...i took a few pics of tricia and her roomates in rexburg too...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


i recently visited my sister khara in boise again and since i've been back i just really havent been in the mood to blog! so i guess i will finally post some pics from the trip (excuse the crappy pics!) ...this boise trip was really great. i mostly stayed at khara's and my sister tricia (going to school in Rexburg) and my good friend summer & cutie pie daughter sydney (living in idaho falls) from tx came and stayed a few days so we could hang out and do some shopping that they are deprived of in their current place of residence. it was really a blast! we shopped, ate, did our girl stuff, & celebrated my birthday at about 3 different restaurants and khara even made me a cake. you can never get enough cake! then we went out to rexburg to check out tricia's place, took pics of her and her roomates, and saw the new rexburg temple. let me tell you it is beautiful! i went to school out there and i cant believe it has been 4 years since i graduated! i am feeling old! it was crazy going back but at the same time, so glad those days are over! by the way rexburg is really changing they now have new restaurants, cool place to bowl, and see movies, and the list is growing! they are so moving up...;) anyways next we spent a night in boise with summer and justin... it is always so good to spend time with my sisters & see awesome friends like summer, they really are the best! i am so glad that justin & summer live in idaho close enough to my sister so we can still see eachother, it worked out great!

the pic of carly with her face in the cardboard cutout at the bowling/movie joint was hillarious up until the time we couldnt get her head back out...i started panicking, she was screaming, and i finally ripped the movie advertisment to save my daughters was actually pretty funny!