Tuesday, September 27, 2011

carly's 5th birthday!

the cute birthday girl!

princess mask!

sassy sister!

the cake!
breakfast in bed...oops panties shot!
ready for the circus!

carly's 5th birthday was super fun...we had a princess tea party in our backyard with her friends a few day before her birthday...i made this teapot cake, from a cake i saw online and it turned out great! i did face painting for each kid, had to keep it simple and they each got a princess mask, except the few boys that were there, and we sipped tea, ate, and played games all dressed up in princess dresses.  it was something i have always wanted to do for the girls, have a tea party all dressed up with real tea cups and everything...so carly's birthday was perfect for it...and carly LOVED it!
on the day of her birthday she got breakfast in bed, german pancakes, and fruit! and in the evening went to dinner with grandma donna and grandpa dave to rose's cafe and went to see the circus...the circus turns out to be perfect for a 5 year old, she was pretty much in heaven and the cotton candy disappeared pretty quick as well.  she had an awesome birthday and i felt so special to have such an amazing girl as my daughter for 5 years now.  she really is a light in my life and i feel so lucky to have this sweet thing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

carly learned to ride her bike!

just about a week ago... it took about 5 minutes and carly was riding her bike without training wheels! we are so proud of her,  she did it right before turning 5!

clint came home one day from work and took off the wheels. she just starting riding with hardly any help! now we can't get her off, meanwhile cierra is sporting the tricycle ;)

also, some more pics at the park in moses lake when visiting tyra!

loves of my life...

john at 6 weeks weigh in! 11 lbs, 3.5oz.

john @ 2 months! these kids are the best things that have happened to me. seriously, i feel like the luckiest girl to have the best family. they are better than i ever dreamed my children would be, and i love waking up to them every day...

since the sun came out...

felt like august when summer finally started in portland oregon...so we took advantage as much as possible and went camping on clint's parents ranch in prineville, went swimming as much as possible, and played. seems like we have spent alot of time with clint's sister tyra and the kids,we are not complaining. the girls are pretty much in love with their cousins!

july & 1 month old john

john was blessed on july 3rd and would not cooperate with pictures, but i got at least one before we had a blow out or something. it was a great blessing day and we did a bbq with family and friends at the house afterwards.
we also took a trip to idaho and for clints grandmas funeral, we got to see him family and mine at the same time. it was a fun trip meeting up with everyone and wish i had more pics of the time spent with mine, but here are some of the kids when we were picking cherries at the great grandpas house.
also, here are some one month pics of john...we just love the little man of the house!