Thursday, February 24, 2011

baby john!

a few weeks ago we went in for my sonogram and found out we are having a baby boy! the due date is june 24th! we plan on naming him john clinton demaris! we are so excited for a boy and all the blue!
we LOVE our girls, but the new dynamic will be so fun! the girls are pretty thrilled themselves. carly cant stop talking about her soon-to-be baby brother...4 more months to go!

major catchup

so it has been MONTHS since i have updated this blog, but this is my quick attempt to do so! the following posts hopefully hit most of what has happened in the last 8 months!

a few pics from christmas

we had christmas at our house this year, with clints family coming to share it with us...and of course santa came to visit on christmas eve!

fam pics

my best friend amy came out to visit oregon in august and took our family pics, amy your the best...its always the best to have amy visit...we got in much needed girl time, shopping, pedicures, etc...thanks always amy!


a lot happened, we moved to a new place in sherwood, my brother jared moved in with us (still with us), and clint recently moved into a new office space...a few pics of other things we did!