Tuesday, May 25, 2010

cirque de soleil: kooza

clint's office took everyone out to see cirque de soleil: kooza, last wed night...our first show with cirque de soleil & it was awesome! i have to admit the "dumb" clowns also gave a good show, they were hillarious! can't wait to see another one!

the tulip fields

every year there is a tulip festival, when the tulips are all out. this was our first year, and they were beautiful...the girls loved the flowers...while carly picked a few and admired their beauty, cierra crushed every one she could get her hand on & played in the mud! it looks like a great day but we caught the flowers in between rain & hail which was going on just a half hour before! we are learning in oregon (yes, it took some time) that life cant stop for the rain, just put on some rain boots and jackets and go anyways. glad we did!

Monday, May 10, 2010

carly is a "big girl"

carly has been able to write & spell her name VERY well since january, yes i am a proud mommy! she does so well kinesthetically, with her writing, drawing etc... and she is very proud of herself as well!

she also got her "big girl bike" and loves riding it everywhere, even to the store and through target ;)

pink dresses

whats cuter then cute spring dresses on your 2 little girls! i love these girls to death!


lets talk easter...conference was wonderful, & the easter bunny came & hid eggs around the house! the girls loved the easter egg hunt, the dresses grandma donna sent, and carly had a blast decorating eggs...as you can tell she does underwear all by herself!
we got a fun easter present for the family: a black sequoia toyota! we love the room and it fits up to 8! the girls are loving a dvd player in the car, not so sure i love that they love it SO much!

carly has her ears pierced!

so the girls and i were randomly in the mall (march 25th), at claire's, when i jokingly suggested to carly that we should get her ears pierced. i have really been waiting for her to tell me that she wanted them pierced, i promised i would never impose it on her. she was all the sudden insistent that we pierce them as i had suggested. i tried to talk her out of it but i thought, "well, i have always said i would do it when she really wanted them." and she really wanted them! she cried when it happened, but if you ask her the sucker made it all better! she picked her birthstone (without knowing that it was) all by herself, which is random because she would NEVER pick blue anything...what a coincidence...

2 months later her ears are doing great and she is SO proud of them! she is so stinkin cute!