Sunday, February 25, 2007


Amy's daughter Chalet loves to hang out with Carly and does a great job holding her and taking care of her. Good thing since Amy's working on her 3rd! I thought these pics of them two were so cute, just chillin on the couch, they were being so good. Then I also caught daddy and her passed out sleeping after he got home from the clinic... So cute

5 months

Carly is 5 months old (as of a week ago) and she is doing so much. She is sitting great and starting on solids. We got her a high chair and she loves it, or the attention that she gets in it, one of the two....oh well...she's our new mess maker! I don't think she meant to use that finger while I was feeding her....
Clint wanted to show off his "big fish" and well maybe this does show that she is!

I really want to get her ears peirced but can't seem do it yet, every time I think I have the guts she keeps looking at me like "I trust you mommy, you wont hurt me." So I think I will wait until 6 months...but no the way I really dont know what is up with the tongue!


Hey someone else did it to her I promise (Tricia)....but she was cute! We had a blast for Vday! I cooked for Clint, and Carly spent the evening with us as we went to the Stars Hockey game too...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sitting and Moving

We are moved into our bigger apartment and still are painting, we should be finished today. We love the apartment and we live in the same complex and our friends Dallas and Abby and now stay up late playing Settlers of Catan a little too often, its way too easy!

It's great having Tricia around, we love her living with us! She is a great babysitter too! BIG NEWS......Carly is now sitting up! She is doing a great job, she is still falling over but can stay sitting up for a while before she does. She is growing like crazy. She is holding toys and throwing them, likes to jabber and coo all day, and be a part of the action. She is starting to eat some fruit and still completely sleep deprives herself because she feels she is missing out, we need to work on napping. She is a joy to have, and I smile everyday! Here's a pic also of her just waking up and mom surprising the poor thing with the camera, I thought it was pretty funny!

More Christmas

I had to add a few more pics of the family and Christmas that we took....I miss all my family in Utah!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dans Wedding

Dan and Carrie were married Dec 23 in the Timpanogas Temple. They were so cute and funny, we had to ask them to kiss eachother that day, they were kinda shy...we love them. I am happy that we were able to see the whole family, we hardly get chances to see eachother so it was nice to get some good pics, like this 4 generation pic with my mom and grandma!

Catching up!

So its been forever but there is so much that has happened. Christmas and wedding, school starting for Clint and me, and moving has kept me from being updated. We just moved a week and a half ago to a new bigger (slightly) apartment, so we have room for Carly and my sister Tricia who is staying with us until summer when she leaves to BYU-Idaho. I was only going to put in a couple of pictures from Christmas but there were so many pics that I loved. My brother Daniel married Carrie a few days before Christmas in Utah, where we spent our Christmas, making her Carrie Ann Foster. Which is funny because his twin is Khara Ann, guess its meant to be. They are the cutest couple and we are so excited to have her as part of the family now. We stayed in Utah with my sister Khara and husband Russ and daughter Mackenzie in Orem; Carly loved seeing her only cousin on my side of the family, Mackenzie, they were so cute together...