Sunday, October 28, 2007

ITS GONE...Bad Day

I don't usually have "bad days" but yesterday was one! I went to IKEA shopping for decor/furniture for Clint's office(which we have been redecorating and painting all weekend) and I went on a busy Sat (bad idea always!) I had to HOLD Carly who wouldn't sit down in her cart that had no seat belt, she was trying to kill herself I guess. Finally, as I was checking out with all my stuff and was exhausted from: HOLDING Carly, pushing a crazy heavy IKEA cart with 4 wheels that have a mind of their own, holding my pee for the last hour, and then the cashier asks "Are you missing a diamond?" Well obviously I was! Just what a perfect top to the now known "shopping trip from....(fill-in-the-blanks). Anyways, I am just glad that it was insured and I can get it replaced. But what replaces the diamond your husband proposed to you with? So as I was walking out to the car and getting teary eyed, I was just about to loose it. Then some nice guy, whom was obviously there to answer my prayers when I felt I couldnt take anymore,took my cart to my car for me and loaded everything into the trunk. Then I had to go back inside and report my missing diamond in case they find it...(yeah right). I was also thinking that I could barely manage having 1 kid throughout this whole mess, and could I ever have 2, or more? Bad day to think about that...So a little bummed today and I ate all this junk food I bought for Halloween. Now my daimond and my candy is gone...dang. Enough whining, wow! don't you just feel so bad for me?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I don't know why its taken forever to post lately...maybe because I just don't feel inspired ever since my "nice" camera decided to die on me! It's getting in the mean time photography is on hold... I had to take pics with my little digital sony when I visited my sister Khara in Boise!!!(I wanted to do their pics so bad!)

It was SO good to go see her and I miss her even more everytime I see her. It is so hard not to be close to any of my sisters anymore, I just don't feel normal! Plus I have to reunite Mackenzie and Carly as often as possible! Aren't they the cutest cousins? I think so...they could be sisters they look so much alike! I miss those guys and can't wait to see them again at Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 08, 2007

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Life as we know it...

Has forever changed...No more "bigger is better" as it is said in Texas. I really turned into such a Texas lover and Oregon is definitely different than anywhere I have lived! It is very green, and many people are very holistic which is good for Clint's profession right? There is this term "granola's" around here...fitting I guess! We are now Oregonians (ORG-OWN-IANS)…Actually I really do like a lot of things here...even though I feel like I am camping since we are living up on a mountain! Like I said it is green, and that’s because it rains, and rains, and rains, and rains (with intervals of a little sun sprinkled in there.) I've seen many rainbows!
Well, we have done a little exploring but really we have loved the outdoors. Here are pics of our walks, trips to the farmers market, view from our apartment, and visiting ducks at the Lake Oswego where we live... We have much more exploring to do around here, and it is so beautiful and the people really are great...I just need a little adjusting...


Here is a fun site that turns your single photo into poloroids! @ Try it out!!!