Thursday, October 06, 2011

john 3 months old

my baby is 3 months old! 
(or 3 1/2 months now), he is a baby with whom i have nothing to complain about.  sleeps through the night, eats great (almost too good, fitting snugly into 6 months clothes), easy-going & chill personality, & has a smile and a laugh for me every day! i really love this boy & and just love having a boy around! 
amy, my best girlfriend took these pics of him while during our girl's weekend in AZ...i did the editing and hope i did it justice. we had a great time in AZ, and clint was a sweetheart to let me go for 4 days and see amy for our annual get together to play, shop, & relax in the sun.  it was great to have a mommy break, and just have my little boy with me.  he is a great travel companion! 

yes, he does this lizard it!