Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

our Christmas card this year...just was not able to print it and get it out on time with all this snow that oregon can't handle! ok, not really, i just barely made you all!
Merry Christmas!!!

Jen graduates with her Masters!

At last Jen finished her student teaching to finally cap off what has been a few years of blood, sweat, and tears (Thats no joke)! She graduated from TWU with a Masters of Art in Teaching. We are very proud of her for her hard work and sacrifice. She did a great job with the 2nd graders (they loved her to death), and did it all while pregnant with Cierra! She worked up until the day she had the baby. She's definitely tougher than I am! Not only that but she had to fulfill requirements from the school here in Oregon and TWU in Texas. That made a lot more busy work for her. We're happy that she's done (the house was falling apart without mom!) and proud of her for her accomplishment! Since she wasn't in Texas at the time of graduation she didn't get to walk with the rest of her class, so it feels a little surreal to her. She certainly did what most wouldn't have done and we're very proud of her.
- Clint's first post on this blog -

Sunday, December 14, 2008

first snow

first snow of the year TODAY, and carly's first that she might ever remember!

1 month old

so my rebel camera totally busted and all i have is a snap and shoot...i havent been taking much pics lately anyways, but here are a few of cierra at 1 month old! cant wait to get a new camera!
with cierra is baby lillie my good friend brittany's baby that is 3 weeks older than cierra...since she also has a daughter carly's age they see each other often!!!

cierra's blessing

cierra was blessed last sunday @ 3 wks old! luckily my mom was in from tx to help out and be here for it. it was so good to have her here while i finish up student teaching as well...what would we do with out you mom!?

also, behind us is our christmas tree we cut down for $15!