Saturday, October 24, 2009

disney on ice

this weekend just carly & i went to disney on ice with a few friends! it was a blast, and i couldn't help but take a bunch of pics...some of carly just sitting in her seat to excited to breath! of course she was sleeping beauty for the special occasion...girls are the best!

catching up!

below are all my posts catching us up for the last few months! ya, i feel like i have been on the computer for way too long tonight! but i just can't not post our memories, this is our family journal!

tyra, clint, & kids

had a lot of fun taking pics of tyra & clint...but i know them and they would want me to minimize what i here they are!

pumpkin patch

we came home with way too many pumpkins a few weeks ago...they are just sitting there on the front porch...

carly's 3rd b-day: "dress-up @ the park!"

for carly's 3rd b-day we had friends over at the park for burgers and a "dress-up @ the park." carly had a blast with the pinata! can't believe my baby is 3!

the girls

had to take these pic of cierra learning to stand, and carly by her side encouraging her as usual. she is s great big sis! had to post these, better late then never!

Oregon Coast

Throughout this last summer we took several trips out to the coast. Either to camp, stay the night at a beach house, or just the day. We loved every "get away" to the coast. It's amazing how good it always feels. We made so many good memories this year! Love my fam!