Saturday, October 24, 2009

disney on ice

this weekend just carly & i went to disney on ice with a few friends! it was a blast, and i couldn't help but take a bunch of pics...some of carly just sitting in her seat to excited to breath! of course she was sleeping beauty for the special occasion...girls are the best!


JO said...

how cute, she does look so very happy!

the farlanderz said...

oh little mini jen is a cutie in her princess giddup.

The Dorman Family said...

How fun! I wish Miranda and I could have tagged along!! We should plan something like that sometime. I love all the posts! Your girls are just strumming on my heart everytime I see a picture of them. Oh and thanks for minimizing for us:)LOL Love you!

Holly said...

oooh fun!
I bet she was in heaven! haha
what a cute girl:)