Sunday, July 12, 2009

carly melt my heart!

lately carly will randomly say "i love you too mommy." then of course, i tell her i love her...melts my heart every time! conversations with my 2 year old are so fun & interesting!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

half marathon!

******i finished my first half-marathon early july 4th! it was an exhausting & great experience! yes, i had tears in my eyes when i crossed that finish line! i ran on sauvie island near portland with over 2,000 time wasn't all i wanted it to be...2 hrs 18 min...but i learned a lot (mostly what not to do when running that long). all i wanted to do was eat some of the strawberry shortcake afterwards! one mistake i made was not taking any goo during the race or eating enough beforehand. but i will for sure do another one...not sure about those full marathons yet though!

khara & mekenzie

it was so nice to have my sister khara & my niece mekenzie, in town over 4th of july! they really are the best & i want them to know how much i love & miss & appreciate them! you guys are the best! love ya!

4th of july

4th of july was eventful and fun this year! khara, my sister came into town for 5 days. i ran my half marathon in the morning and we watched fireworks and hung out in downtown portland on the riverfront...khara made this amazing cake with our fresh picked berries...we ended up giving half of it to a group of homeless people who loved it too!