Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving & getting ready for Christmas!

Thanksgiving was a blast with 5 other couples/families who joined my mom, sister, and brother and Clint and I at my parents house to celebrate! A lot of our friends didnt have other relatives around so they came and ate and hung out with us, watched football, played games, chilled, and ate some more! Dallas, Abby, Mark, Lorena, Zeek, Amy (and kids), Jason, Tori, Erin, and Jennica all came! We are so blessed to have such great friends!
Here are some pics of Carly helping put up the tree (with help of daddy) and then she some how found hours of fascination laying under the tree and staring at lights and the big red christmas ornament right in front of her face, and she kept going cross-eyed.
We will be in Utah for Christmas, but its depressing not to put up a tree! We are excited to go to Utah for weddings and Christmas for two weeks...YEAH!

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