Monday, June 18, 2007

Family pics

We just got some family pics done by Amy and I just love them....Carly wasn't feeling very well, it kinda shows but I still think she looked adorable! I made her this pink and brown tutu dont know if she cares, but I loved it. Carly is 9 months now and stands up everywhere, and is getting her first tooth finally! So I was glad to get some pics in!


Destiny said...

Oh my goodness, she is totally smiling and waving in that one with Clint... to cute!

Anonymous said...

AMY IS AMAZING!!! I love her urban work! I want her to come to downtown phoenix and take picture of me and my hubby before I get knocked up again. These are ADORABLE! You need a canvas made of that first one. How cute!

Dave said...

Demaris! Just wanted to say you have a beautiful family. Congrats on getting married and having a kid. Trying to get in touch with old friends and thought I'd look you up. You came up on the first page of Google. You didn't seem to have an email address anywhere on your site or else I'd have written you there. Thought if I posted a comment it would get back to you somehow. Anyway, holla back!

Best mission comp you ever had,

Dave Foules