Saturday, June 09, 2007

Oregon Trip

So Oregon was BEAUUUTIFUL...everything was great! We checked out the area and Clint met up with an NET chiro in Portland that Clint will now be working for. It's nice to have a job lined up and know what we are doing after graduation. We are excited and we know that Oregon is the right place for us. I can't believe it is real that we are graduating and moving at the end of the summer! It will be really hard to leave since Texas has been home for me, it will be a real adjustment. Call me weird but I like the city and traffic with store/mall at my disposal. It will be different in Oregon but I will love it soon I am sure. Anyways, our trip was fun, didn't take a lot of pics but we saw Clint parents, went to the "rose festival" dowtown, saw fireworks and checked out the suburbs of Portland. We stayed in Sherwood one night with some friends and loved that place, so it is a possiblility! Clint will go back in July to take Oregon state boards, I may go with him to figure out where we will be living....
Oh Carly in the tub...that was a makshift bed at our hotel to put her to bed earlier so we could enjoy a few hours playing games with Clint's parents before going to bed ourselves, Carly jumped in with us later I promise! There's no way she was staying in there all night! I hated the few hours she was in there but she seemed to love it!

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Anonymous said...

love the tub bed! And yeah, I"ll call you crazy. We are huge country life lovers. I don't get how anyone can actually love traffic and crowds. I understand the conviences...but luckily I'm an online shopper anyway, so it's ok. But seroiusly, you love traffic??? And I have to tell you husband's grandma was the Rose Festival Queen a million years ago. I know, call me cool. Congrats on having things lined up. I'm glad we had things figured out before graduation too. Although we're moving this year and starting over again...AHH! Alright, good job on blogging again..finally, oh and sweet escape is my ringtone too!!!