Saturday, July 21, 2007


Abby and I ran our first 5K with RunOn Texas in Dallas this morning! It was awesome and we both came in under 30 minutes...I think we forgot our real time :) it's cool though...We loved it, so there will be at least one more before we move! I will be sad that I will be leaving my perfect running partner soon. We ran the same pace the whole time and helped eachother out tons. Clint, Dallas, and Carly were there to cheer us on, Clint thinks I should do a 15 K next...haha very funny!


Cardon Family said...

Lake Oswego...near the temple at all? We are seriously like 5-10 minutes from there. Where will Clint be working? I am glad you added us to your blog because I added you too!!:)

Cardon Family said... parents live like five minutes from there. We are actually in Virginia for the summer and will be going back to Arizona in the fall. So when do you head up to Portland anyways?

Amber said...

you are my hero!