Sunday, January 04, 2009


christmas we were snowed in! (like most of the NW was). we couldn't make it to moses lake, wa for christmas (clint's sister) was fun with just us, and we were able to get together with ward members/friends for christmas dinners and did a nativity play where cierra was the "live baby jesus" and carly was an cute! it was a great first christmas for cierra and so fun to have 2 daughters now to share it with! we are so blessed! (don't mind my terrible pics, i am working on getting a better camera!)

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Dramatic Imaging said...

thanks girl! this is all a bit stressful. I have my realtor calling and saying.... can we show your house in an hour? So I have to keep it perfect all the time with 3 kids! I am excited but I dont want to make a bad choice. Love ya!