Monday, June 01, 2009

{carly hair cut}

journal entry:

"Carly this last week, just cut her hair! She was cutting paper with her kid scissors and I went upstairs to put some things away and took longer than I should. I even thought, I should go downstairs and check on her with those scissors, she could be cutting her hair. Probably a prompting I didn't listen to. Carly came upstairs and told on herself, "Mommy, I cut my hair!" I was upset, "Oh no!" I acted devastated and she started crying. I wasn't mad just so sad and well, devastated! She felt so bad and then I had to fix what I did and calm her down. It could have been so much worse! It was only on the right side and most of her bangs are gone. She just doesnt have much hair to loose in the first place, and whatever precious hair she grows I want to keep there! We are now wearing a lot of hats!"


Kayla said...

I was completely devastated when Melena cut her hair! Luckily it is one of those things that grows back... however slowly it seems to go!

Kevin, Amber & Jake said...

oh man... im just waiting for the day jake does that! hopefully he wont ever think about it since he has such short hair anyways. it doesnt look bad tho!

Jamie said...

awe, that is sad! at least it isn't really noticable. she's still such a pretty little thing!