Sunday, September 13, 2009


just finished my first week of preschool! with 9 kids 3 years old (or almost there!) it is busy! so far i am loving it and am excited for this year. i love planning my own curriculum and using my degree for something; i am lucky to be able stay home with my children at the same time! i turned our extra room into a preschool and it is working out great! carly thinks preschool is heaven, it is so cute! it is from 9-11:30, tuesday & are my kids, they are my "little learners!" cute huh?
check out my preschool blog for more pics and info!


Jamie said...

how fun jen! what cute kiddos!

Summer said...

how cute!!! teaching is hard! i have 13 2yr olds and it it rough!! im glad you are having a good time! i love the new family pics you guys have! the girls looks so pretty! miss you guys and cant wait to see you again!