Monday, January 25, 2010

best christmas ever

"tricia" face...we love to tease her about!

so at least i am getting around to posting about christmas (better late then never right?) well, we had one of the best christmas's ever! the whole family (with the exception of russ, khara's hubby) made it. tricia came home from her mission on the 29th, so we waited until the 30th for OUR christmas. it snowed on christmas (the 25th, the first time since 1920!) and then again on OUR christmas on the was a white christmas! (of course it melted quickly.) it was amazing to be with everyone, and see tricia come home! we are SO proud of you tricia for all your hard work at the meza, AZ visitors center. you are an inspiration to all of us!
grandpa dressed up as santa on christmas eve, and the kids were beside themselves! it is so fun having carly old enough to get excited about it all, it makes christmas christmas. it was fun teaching her about baby jesus as well, and it became one of her favorite things about christmas this year, and it was a big focus for all of us!


Andi said...

I love all of these pictures! what a fun Christmas! and...don't worry, i haven't posted about Christmas yet, so you are ahead of me! Love you lots.

Rob Luce said...

those fields of tulips & flowers, I know those fields, you guys live around Arlington or at least Western Washington lol. This guy is raising praises of trust to the living God in Sonrise Chapel :-) !!!