Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sitting and Moving

We are moved into our bigger apartment and still are painting, we should be finished today. We love the apartment and we live in the same complex and our friends Dallas and Abby and now stay up late playing Settlers of Catan a little too often, its way too easy!

It's great having Tricia around, we love her living with us! She is a great babysitter too! BIG NEWS......Carly is now sitting up! She is doing a great job, she is still falling over but can stay sitting up for a while before she does. She is growing like crazy. She is holding toys and throwing them, likes to jabber and coo all day, and be a part of the action. She is starting to eat some fruit and still completely sleep deprives herself because she feels she is missing out, we need to work on napping. She is a joy to have, and I smile everyday! Here's a pic also of her just waking up and mom surprising the poor thing with the camera, I thought it was pretty funny!

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Ku'ulei said...

Yea for Carly pictures!! She's SO dang cute. I esp. love that last picture of her. Too cute. What's your schedule this week? We should hang out w/the babies. I can drive there too. Let me know! Loves!