Tuesday, November 10, 2009


bear with me for a second!
so many times since moving to portland I have thought of posting about this rainy place i live in. but decided to take the higher road and think of the positive! that's what we should do, right? i mean there are just so many things to criticize and believe me I have, but really what's the point? but i had a REALLY hard time moving here and adjusting. it was all so different from anything i have ever really known, and with a slogan like "keep portland weird," you might understand why! i mean really? "keep portland weird?"

from the slow moving people, & traffic, to taxes, hippies, being too good for walmart, 2nd highest unemployment in the nation, and just the lack of common sense, the list could go on (not too mention their crazy liberal agendas)...i keep trying to be positive and push those frustrations aside, but yet they would eventually resurface..."find the good about portland, find the good about this place!" i tell myself, and i truly have found positives that i live off of, and now it is somehow home....
despite that fact i found a funny & true article that seemed to mirror my sentiments (almost exactly) and i had to laugh...while reading it to clint tonight he mostly just rolled his eyes at me (he always does when i go off on portland.) but it was all so true and i didn't even have to write it!!!!...read @ www.knick-knack.com/rants/places/portland-oregon-sucks.html

but then again, i came from texas, and you know what they say about texas people and our pride! how can anything really compare to the best place on earth! i know, so annoying! lol!
thanks for putting up with me tonight!


The Millers said...

I didn't read the article...yet. :) Just don't turn in to a granola girl and you'll be ok. :) I LOVE portland, but not the rain. I LOVE watching all the crazy people...just dive in and enjoy cause it looks like that IS home. :) Be glad you have TONS of fun things to do there. We have...ummm...snow & cow tipping. Love ya girl.

Brittany said...

ha! i LOVED the article and am thinking of stealing it for me blog. even though i promised i would say nothing but good about it here.

i guess i thought your days of portland-bashing were over since i never hear you complain. but that may be because i never hear you. we should hang out more without our hubbies to say as we wish!

Jadie said...

Jen, would you be surprised if I happened to say I absolutely, positively, ADORE Portland?!! ;)

But I do understand. It's hard to come to a new place, especially a place where you feel you don't really belong. I hope it gets better for you soon!

Dramatic Imaging said...

Um, I love it there, but of course it is easy to say that when I am mostly only happy when it rains living one of the driest, ugliest and oh yes... sunniest states! Grass is always greener right? Lets just switch practices and houses every year! Hang in there girl.. either you'll end up moving or you will just get some good fake sunlights in your house! As for us.. you don't even want to know all the stupid house drama. Yes, I have changed my mind again and I am staying in my house. What an idiot right? Well, I love and miss you. Sad how long it had been since I saw your blog last. But yours is the only one!