Tuesday, November 03, 2009

things they are doing!

well, whats up with my girls? carly has to wear dresses almost everyday, and is becoming particular with everything! for example, yesterday i had to do her hair with 1 pig tail, and 1 braid! she really is a lot of fun!
cierra's first tooth is coming in! and she almost always is at my leg right now following me around, so i thought i might as well capture it for example! she is starting to walk and is doing so well! cant believe she will be 1 in a few weeks!


Holly said...

yay for cierra! your girls are so cute and FUNNY!

Grandma Foster said...

Way to go Cierra! You are doing so well! You look so much like your mama did. I see that we will need baby-proofing at Christmas time. Maybe we will have to hang the tree from the ceiling! It will be fun! love, Grandma

heather bing said...

I can't believe how big Cierra is getting! And walking wow!! Your girls are too cute I love the Halloween pics!!