Friday, June 11, 2010

families of the dump

while in mexico we visited families of the dump (FAD), they are literally families that live in the dump in puerto villarta! we were able to help the FAD organization one day by bringing water, breakfast, visiting, and clint was even able to adjust one woman who came into their office in pain that day. it was really a touching and eye-opening experience to see how bad off some live, but wonderful to see what FAD has done to help. i enjoyed visiting with the kids the most (love kids!) especially the preschool. those children were so sweet and hugged us the moment we walked in...we will be back to visit again! if anyone is interested, you can sponsor a child's education for $250/year, that is how they fund the school they have created; and the only way they recieved their education.

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mrs. farlanderz said...

this made me tear up. opportunities like that are priceless in too many ways to count.