Friday, June 11, 2010

scuba, snorkling, & dolphins!

clint went snorkling for the first time in mexico! i snorkled, because i failed training...seriously, after 4 minutes under the water i jumped out ready to pass out & started balling...if you are clausterphobic you can't scuba, now i know!i was actually really relieved, because i really did not want to go...i was just doing it for clint!
so i snorkled, saw the MOST beautiful fish, (so did clint while scuba diving), we visited an untouched beach which was very pretty! the entertainment was great on the boat of course & on the way back we were surrounded by wild dolpins! hundreds of them surrounded our boat; they stopped so we could take pictures and see them. the dolphins were doing flips and just following out boat, like they were playing with us for about 15 minutes. they are super friendly things!

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