Sunday, July 12, 2009

carly melt my heart!

lately carly will randomly say "i love you too mommy." then of course, i tell her i love her...melts my heart every time! conversations with my 2 year old are so fun & interesting!


Mel said...

So cute! I love those 2 year old conversations too.

Congratulaions on your race. You look awesome and your girls are darling.

P.S. We are official Sherwoodians now, so let's get together!

Andi said...

I cannot beleive how big she is getting. so crazy how fast little ones grow!

Summer said...

i love it! sydney says "love you more!"

Raina said...

Hey guys! Long time no talk. Actually I am in need of a chiropractor... know any good ones? I am hoping that you can call me as soon as you get the chance. #503-598-3020.
Can't wait.... Raina

Dramatic Imaging said...

You better be showing her pics of me! She has to know me next when I see her! Love your play list! Totally stilling it!